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Merino Wool Socks

Why merino wool?

  • It can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel wet
  • It dries more quickly than cotton or synthetic
  • Wool fibers naturally have anti-microbial features, so they are more odor resistant
  • Wool keeps its insulating properties when wet


As your body temperature rises, the wool fiber absorbs the moisture vapors and releases them to outside of the fabric, making merino wool socks the most breathable on the market.

Year Round Comfort

Merino wool is a four season fiber, meaning that it has the ability to warm and cool.


The natural crimp of the wool fiber allows it to trap more air than other fibers.  This trapped air is then heated by your body, which becomes a layer of insulation.  Also, wool moves moisture from your skin, which allows you to stay dry and warm.


Wool fibers naturally manage moisture, so as your body heats up the cooling process begins.  The moisture begins to evaporate, and release heat which cools the trapped air between your skin and the fabric.

Odor Resistance

Odor causing bacteria need moisture to survive.  Due to merino wool’s natural moisture management qualities the bacteria does not have an ideal environment to thrive.  You can wear merino wool over long periods of time without it getting smelly.

No More Itching

Merino wool is smaller in diameter (thinner) than regular wool, which helps to make it itch less.  Regular wool is itchy because the fibers are thicker in diameter, and they do not bend easily against the skin.  This is what causes the itching.  The thinner fibers of merino wool bend against the skin, and, therefore do not itch like lower quality wool fibers.

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