Benefits of Moisture-Wicking


If you’ve heard the term “moisture-wicking,” but wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, you’re not alone. By understanding the benefits of moisture-wicking clothes, you’ll be prepared to further enjoy your next run or hike with the right apparel.

What is Moisture-Wicking?

There are two jobs that moisture-wicking clothes do.

First, it moves any moisture from your skin to the outside of your clothing. Moving the moisture to the outside of the material allows it to spread out and evaporate quicker. It also helps to prevent the moisture from soaking back into the fabric and touching your skin.

Second, it dries very quickly. Doing this allows your body to regulate its temperature with the result of keeping you both dry and cool.

How Does It Work? 

Moisture-wicking happens during a process called capillary action. When you begin to sweat, that moisture moves between small spaces in the fabric caused by molecular forces between the liquid and fabric. Different brands structure their material’s yarn differently to create this effect. 

What Fabrics Should You Look For?

Synthetic - This material is normally lightweight, durable and very breathable. 

Merino Wool - It dries more quickly than cotton or synthetic. Wool fibers naturally have anti-microbial features, so they are more odor resistant. You can also wear merino wool year-round. It can keep its insulating properties when wet. 

Bamboo - This is a natural moisture-wicking fiber. Bamboo plants naturally grow in hot, humid climates, making it able to absorb moisture so it can grow quickly.  

Our Favorite Moisture-Wicking Brands

Terramar Sports

Terramar’s clothing warms you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you get hot. Besides being moisture-wicking and thermoregulating, their clothing also controls odors and has UPF protection. 

What we love most about Terramar is that they give back to the community and are environmentally conscious with their products.

Darn Tough

Darn Tough’s socks are made out of merino wool and are designed to last you for years to come. They have been around for about 40 years and are pretty good at what they do!

We appreciate any company that is made in the USA like Darn Tough. They also stand out even more from other companies because they are a family-owned business that genuinely cares about their products, customers and the environment. 

Tasc Performance

Tasc’s clothing is unlike any other apparel company. Their products are made out of bamboo, giving them a much softer, breathable feel than regular cotton materials. It will also keep you warm in cooler temperatures and control any odors.

We love Tasc for several reasons. They are a family-owned company based right in New Orleans. Besides making chemical free clothing, they are also eco-friendly and sustainable in their production. 

Check out these brands next time you are getting ready for upcoming adventures.

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