RBO Sas-Squat Titanium Trowel
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RBO Sas-Squat Titanium Trowel

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Leave No Trace Poop Patrol: The Ultralight RBO Sas-Squat Titanium Trowel

Nature lovers rejoice! Here's the trowel you've been dreaming of: the RBO Sas-Squat Titanium Trowel. This tiny wonder weighs in at a barely-there 29 grams, making it the ultimate in lightweight waste management for the gram-counting hiker.

But don't let its featherweight feel fool you. The RBO Sas-Squat is crafted from high-strength titanium, one of the toughest materials on the planet. So it can take everything you dish out, from rocky terrain to frozen ground.

Dig it: Here's how to leave no trace when duty calls:

  • Select a location at least 200 feet from water sources and trails.
  • Dig a hole 6-8 inches deep with your trusty RBO Sas-Squat trowel.
  • Do your business.
  • Bury your waste completely with the excavated dirt.
  • Pack out any toilet paper (bury it is not recommended by Leave No Trace) in a zip-lock bag.

Leave No Trace

Following these simple Leave No Trace guidelines helps to minimize the impact we have on the outdoors and keeps our wild places pristine for generations to come. Happy trails!

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