Primus Classic Trail Stove - Stoves for Camping
Primus Classic Trail Stove - Stoves for Camping
Primus Classic Trail Stove - Stoves for Camping
Primus Classic Trail Stove - Stoves for Camping
Primus Classic Trail Stove - Stoves for Camping

Primus Classic Trail Stove

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Introducing the Primus Classic Trail Stove – Your Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Companion!

Unleash the power of Swedish innovation with our Classic Trail Stove, a timeless piece of equipment that has stood the test of time since its launch in the early 1980s. Crafted for adventurers, this sit-on-top stove is not just a cooking tool; it's a legacy, robust and reliable, ready to be passed down through generations.

Key Features:

1. Robust and Durable: Engineered with strength in mind, the Classic Trail Stove boasts unparalleled durability with no folding parts, ensuring it withstands the rigors of the great outdoors. This is not just a stove; it's a companion for a lifetime of adventures.

2. Wide Flame for Larger Pots: The static 4-point pot supports provide extra stability and wind resistance, accommodating a variety of pot sizes. The wide flame excels at heating larger pots, making it the perfect choice for cooking hearty meals for 1-3 people.

3. Quick and Easy Setup: With a weight of only 6.9oz and compact dimensions of 4.9" x 4.9” x 3.2”, the Classic Trail Stove is designed for on-the-go convenience. Attach it to your gas canister, and in under a minute, you'll have a reliable flame ready to cook up a storm.

4. Heritage Design: Invented in Sweden, this stove carries the legacy of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Embrace a piece of history that has been trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide for decades.

5. Nylon Storage Bag Included: Keep your camp kitchen organized effortlessly. The Classic Trail Stove comes with a convenient nylon storage bag, making it easy to pack up and move on to your next adventure.


  • Weight: 6.9oz
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 4.9” x 3.2”
  • Output: 10,000 BTU

Versatility Meets Performance: Experience the power of a 10,000 BTU flame that can boil a liter of water in under four minutes. The Classic Trail Stove is not just a piece of gear; it's a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and the joy of outdoor cooking.

Join the legacy of adventurers who have relied on the Classic Trail Stove for their culinary escapades. Invest in quality, invest in the Classic Trail Stove – where tradition meets innovation. Gas not included, but the memories you'll create are limitless. Order yours now and elevate your outdoor cooking experience!

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