Willow Creek Whole Bean Dark Roast Coffee
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Willow Creek Dark Roast Whole Coffee Bean

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Brew up a cup of Willow Creek Dark Roast Whole Coffee Bean, the Sasquatch-Recommended coffee! Make like Big Foot and sneak a sip of this smooth, rich French Roast from the Costa Rican bean—the perfect blend for a mysterious encounter.

Every Labor Day weekend the town of Willow Creek hosts Big Foot Days, the largest annual celebration of our friend. In 1958, there was a series of mysterious encounters around Willow Creek nine years before the famous Patterson-Gimlin film footage along nearby Bluff Creek.

This french roast is a classic!  Costa Rican coffee lends itself very well to darker roast levels.  Our French Roasted Costa Rican is moderately dark and full of the smooth richness you look for in a great french roast.  


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