Wild Republic - Sloth Ecokins
Wild Republic

Wild Republic - Sloth Ecokins

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Ecokins plush is made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles PET and recycled paper that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Wild Republic continues the company’s promise to the planet, by reducing the amount of plastic waste affecting our environment. We are focused on reducing the 60 million single-use water bottles used every day from going to the landfill. How do we make the adorable Ecokins stuffed animals from water bottles? First, the water bottles are shredded, cleaned, sanitized, and melted. Then the fibers are spun into an ultra-soft fabric yarn. The fabric, fiberfill, and sewing thread are made from this repurposed material. You will not believe how soft and cuddly these stuffed animals are knowing they started as a water bottle. The embroidered eyes and nose are made from the recycled thread, which also makes them baby safe. In addition, we use recycled paper hangtags printed with soy ink and cotton string instead of the plastic cord.

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