Splinter Hill Bog Sticker
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Splinter Hill Bog Sticker

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Splinter Hill Bog Complex is one of the largest continuous seepage bogs on the Gulf Coast. Known for its white-topped pitcher plants, Splinter Hill Bog is home to a variety of plants and animals, including 12 species of carnivorous plants. In addition to seepage bogs, Splinter Hill Bog Complex is also home to longleaf pine forests and rolling hills.

Just a few miles off of I-65 in Baldwin County, you will find one of the largest white-topped pitcher plant bogs in the world. It’s located near the headwaters of the Perdido River and is a part of the Forever Wild Splinter Hill Bog Complex. Sections of the Complex are owned separately by the Forever Wild Land Trust and the Alabama State Lands Division and they are managed together as a large nature preserve with more than 2,200 acres open to the public for outdoor recreation.

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