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Embark on your climbing journey with the Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners – the essential gear that deserves a spot on every climber's rack. Versatile, reliable, and thoughtfully designed, these oval carabiners redefine the standard, providing unmatched functionality and peace of mind during every ascent.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility at its Core: Oval carabiners are the unsung heroes of climbing, and the Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners take versatility to new heights. Whether you're trad climbing, setting anchors, or tackling multi-pitch routes, these carabiners prove indispensable, adapting seamlessly to the demands of your adventure.

  2. Cross-Load Prevention: Say goodbye to worries about cross-loading. Oval carabiners, such as the Cypher, are inherently less likely to cross-load compared to other shapes, ensuring that your safety is never compromised during critical moments.

  3. Sturdy and Secure: Crafted with precision, these locking carabiners boast a robust strength of 20kN, providing the reliability you need in challenging climbing conditions. Rest easy knowing that your gear is fortified with the strength to match your determination.

Impressive Specs:

  • Weight SG: At just 80 grams, the Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners strike the perfect balance between durability and weight, ensuring that your climbing experience remains agile without sacrificing strength.

  • CE Certified: Your safety is our priority. The Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners are CE certified, meeting stringent European safety standards and instilling confidence in every climber who chooses them for their ascent.

Elevate your climbing prowess with the Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners – where versatility meets reliability. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a newcomer to the sport, trust in the essential gear that enhances your performance on the rock. Add the Cypher Oval Locking Carabiners to your rack and conquer new heights with confidence.

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