AlpineAire Tuscan Style Pasta Roma

AlpineAire Tuscan Style Pasta Roma

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Summit Flavor, Vegetarian Delight: AlpineAire Freeze-Dried Tuscan Style Pasta Roma

Calling all outdoor adventurers with a vegetarian palate! AlpineAire's Tuscan Style Pasta Roma is the perfect addition to your backpack for a hearty and flavorful meatless meal on the trail. This lightweight, freeze-dried entree packs a delicious punch, making it ideal for backpackers, campers, and anyone seeking a convenient, vegetarian backcountry option.

Here's what makes AlpineAire Tuscan Style Pasta Roma a vegetarian champion:

  • Creamy Tomato Bliss: Dive into a world of flavor with rotini pasta bathed in a creamy rustic tomato sauce, accented with parmesan and romano cheese. A satisfying and vegetarian take on a classic Italian dish!
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan: Enjoy worry-free indulgence! This meal is both gluten-free and vegan, making it suitable for a wider range of dietary needs. (reference #286004 & #286010 for specific details)
  • Lightweight and Portable: Each pouch weighs only 5-7 oz, fitting effortlessly into your backpack without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Simple Preparation: Forget camp stoves and messy cleanup! Just add hot water directly to the pouch, wait for rehydration, and enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal in minutes.
  • Long-Lasting Shelf Life: With a 5-year shelf life, you can stock up on AlpineAire Tuscan Style Pasta Roma for unexpected adventures or long-term preparedness.

AlpineAire Tuscan Style Pasta Roma - Backcountry Cuisine for the Vegetarian Explorer!

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